Addiction In America

A lot of addictions begin with the use of a prescription opioid.


The prescription opioids includes: 







And more.


Fact: Since the year 1999 deaths from prescription opioids have quadrupled. 


And more people will die this year of overdoses than from a car accident or gun homicides. 


Opioids is a multi-billion dollar industry 

Having at least 250 million prescriptions written a year. And a lot of the time it’s not needed. Some doctors are over prescribing their patients and giving their patient what they asked for without thinking they might be getting addicted. They write the prescription off and send the person being treated their way out the door.


The Doctor is more focused on the medical side, rather than thinking about the mental side of it and how this person is doing.


Sometimes that’s how it is. 


What does this result to? 

It results to some people going through months of prescriptions within a few weeks. Perhaps even days.


The doctor notices this and changes up the amount of prescription this person will get. And when this happens the person being treated runs out and goes to a different drug. Many find themselves using Herion. Same with people who later on can’t afford prescription opioids. 


So what we are seeing is Doctors are being pretty much the plug. There is a demand and they are supplying. Many are not or don’t give much attention to the problem within a problem. A physical injury that results to the diagnosis of an addiction. An addiction yet to be diagnosed and treated. 


Also the Pharmaceutical Industry are making billions off of addicts. 

Hurting people. 


Last stigma is real. 


People are quick to judge the addict and try not to understand. 

Many are not compassionate towards ones at war with themselves, fighting the demons in their head. 

And this leads to addicts getting worse, feeling hopeless, being alone and some having their story ended with an overdose. A precious gift taken away way too early. 


What can we do? 


There’s not much we can do on the medical side of things. But right now we can educate ourselves with this mental illness called addiction. And when we see someone struggling with substance abuse, even self harm let us love on this person.

Love like crazy.

A love that doesn’t fade away or give up. A love that says I will fight for you to stay alive. Because you MATTER. Your story deserves happiness and triumph. 


Let your love give someone the hope of healing and joy to come. 


Don’t give up on an addict. 


They need you now more than ever. 


Struggling With Addiction? 


23 million people are in recovery at this moment. 


You can be a part of that number. 

A number of fighters trying to get back their life. A life you can get back. 


Don’t be consumed with shame. 

Don’t let it stop you from getting help.

It’s okay to go into treatment. 

Hoping that you do - remember treatment is long term and is proven to be successful if committed to. And if you relapse, keep going, keep fighting and keep hope alive. 

Recovery will someday be turned into recovered. Fight on. 

You need to stay ALIVE.