If you’re already vocal about mental health / mental illness, addiction and sexual abuse - maybe we can work side by side to give hope and share truth. As well as being a light for others and spreading awareness. And if you’ve never been vocal but want to now, maybe this is for you.

Not everyone who applies will get selected. So please take no offense if you’re not one of them that were.

Requirements and things you should know before applying.

  1. You must post once a month on Instagram. Whether that’s being vulnerable about something you’re going through or been through. Whether that’s sharing some stats, a story about someone you know (not mentioning that person name) but first seeing if they’re okay with you talking about them. And an accomplishment that might be small to others but it’s big to you. Etc

  2. Instagram page can not be on private

  3. Tag @freeandabove in all of these post and you have the option of using the hashtag #freeandabove

  4. Nothing triggering

  5. Must be 17 or older

Name *