Free And Above x Good Within

Meet Thalia, the owner of Good Within. We're thankful to have an artist like herself help in spreading awareness and giving much needed reminders for people who need them. 

Save It. Print It. Put It up.

Talk to coffee shop owners and local businesses that support the community.

Talk to your school and your public library.

Ask them if they could have one of these signs hanging on their walls, bulletin board or hallways.

Tell them why it's needed. Why it matters to you and how important it is people know they are not alone - that hope is something that exists and how life gets better.

You can help save a life. Yes, you.


If you put up a sign, see a sign - share on social media

Tag us in it. @freeandabove (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook)

Lets together help those become #freeandabove

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Save image on left + print to remind others why they should live. 

Make sure to tag @freeandabove