What is being Free And Above?

If you’ve been getting up out of bed when all you want to do is stay there and curl up in a fetus position.

If you have tried to stay clean from self-harm and have found yourself back at day 1 over and over again.

If you started to love yourself in your skin a little bit more than the day before.

If you keep on having to be admitted to a mental hospital.

If you chose to do something despite being overly anxious about it.

That Is Being Free

That is you choosing to write your story instead of a disorder writing it for you.

You are choosing to be free without you knowing it.

That’s what Free And Above’s mission is all about.

Making sure people with mental illness can be reminded they are in control and they are stronger than depression, anxiety, eating disorder, bipolar etc

Living a life that is free from mental illness and rising above the struggles that come along with it - POSSIBLE.

Fight To Be Free And Above.

In 2010 i was diagnosed with major depression at the age of 16.

I didn’t think from that day on the trajectory of my life would change.

All the plans i had for my life, thrown away.

Depression had made its way into my head and now it affected my reality and made me do things not of me later on in life. 

It made things so much harder on me.

Living in this world became a job on it’s own.

Daily things we do as human beings to take care of ourselves seemed like an impossible task to me. 

Showering. Brushing teeth. Keeping up with my hair. 

Even drinking water. Also staying healthly fit. 

If you did not know -

Depression is one of the hardest battles a person can face.

It’s pretty much drowning every single day underwater.

You might get some moments of happiness, you might’ve found a way to swim again but it’s only a tease and you get pulled back in. You want help so desperately, to be heard and seen but nobody sees your fight.

A lot of the time, no one sees your struggle.

Unless it shows by your actions or mood. And if you’ve spoken about it.

If you haven’t reached out to someone yet, the thoughts of suicide can come creeping in.

It’s happen to me. I attempted. I’m a survivor.

Once in 2015. The other attempt was in 2017.

I’ve been hospitalized 3 times. (2010, 2015, 2017)

You would think i would be better, healed, “fixed” but i’m not. I’m still fighting this battle and in the process i want to be able to help anybody who has ever felt pain like mine or something similar.

We need each other.

Together we can fight for a life that’s Free and Above.

Tony Cox II