World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. But everyday is Suicide Prevention Day. 24/7. Every second and minute. Every hour, there's someone on the other line waiting to help and hopefully stop and save someone for doing something they do not want to follow through with, deep down inside of them. 

Everyday there's a person who is a friend or a loved one of someone battling thoughts of suicide. Doing everything they know humanly to help them. 

Everyday there’s good forces and amazing human beings there for you and I. But sometimes, maybe all the time, we aren’t aware of it or deny and destroy the thought of people actually caring whether or not we live or die. 

We believed there was no way someone could love us way the way that we are today. Vulnerable. Diagnosed with a mental disorder(s). Perfectly imperfect (But forgetting the perfectly)

Which only led to the beliefs of things that were entirely false and held no truths. But because we believed in them those beliefs aka lies - were not being contested. 

And that’s why September 10th and National Suicide Prevention Week is so important. We get to hear from voices not of our own - that tell us everything we are, instead of everything we aren’t. We get to read tweets and read Instagram posts that remind us we were never alone and invisible to the world. 

We have always been seen and loved by people who know us and don’t. 

It’s just things can become so dark and cloudy inside our minds, we can’t always see what’s true and pick out what’s false. 

And that’s why it’s so important that we be there for one another. To help someone see the light and not get sucked up in the dark. 

Today is a good day to share your truth, your pain and your story. Using it to help someone who needs to know they are not alone and letting them know we are in this together. No person held back and left behind. 

Freedom is ours, it was never taken. Rising above the pain mental illness causes - possible. 

We can do this, TOGETHER. 

We got this. 

Tony Cox II