Free And Above Story

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Let’s no longer be silent about our story.
It’s time we stand into the light and let ourselves be seen for who we really are. And not who we wanted others to see. 
No more pretending. No more faking it.
No more letting the pain eat us up alive in the inside. It’s time to speak out.

Who we are. What we have been through.
How we’ve survived. The story of that scar. What we deal with on a daily basis - it ALL matters. It might not look pretty. It may feel horrible.

You probably feel some shame about it and there’s some brokenness from it. But that’s okay.
You are only human. You’re allowed to be human and talk about you and your story. 

A story that matters greatly.
One that deserves to be heard.
And for the storyteller to be seen.

That's You

There’s power in talking about the things that are dark. When we talk about it more and more - mental illness and a person who we felt was controlling us and stripping away our happiness, loses its grip and we get stronger. Not only do we get stronger, others get more hopeful in their story and feel less alone.

Be Bold
Be Courageous
Tell your truth
Share your heart

Let everyone know what you’re free and above from. Your story will inspire and uplift.

Something to know: For this to be a free and above story - close to the end of your writing write what you are free and above from.
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